“Writers happen in the best of families”

CelesteCastello – Celeste (Celeste dé Morte™ ©)
Age? Not polite 2 ask Vamp-Jaguar married @Bastiaan_C @Stefanou_ is our child Mother 2 @Elise_TdVC Brethren @Lestat_L & @TdVCoven Grand-Guardian 2 @JulianD_TdVC
Bastiaan_C – Bastiaan (Bastiaan Castello™ ©)
903yr Ital Vampire – Jaguar – Businessman & Husband 2 Mio Bélla @CelesteCastello @Stefanou_ is our child, my heir. Member of the @TdVCoven (Verified-Mature 18+)
Elise_TdVC – Elise Dubois (Elise Dubois)
Gypsy / Vampire. I call many animals to me. Child of @Lestat_L & @CelesteCastello. Bonded to @Santiago_TdVC. Child of the @TdVCoven. @Armand_TdVC’s protégé
Stefanou_ – Stefanou Kastrou
Newly made vampire, child of 2 makers @bastiaan_c & @celestecastello My life has changed with my death. I wonder what it now holds for me? [TdVC] Mature 18+
SabellaGiovani – Sabella Giovanni
Human. Let’s get that straight. Vampires don’t scare me. In fact, you’ll probably see me on the arm of one. I work for Desideri Immortali Escort Svc. @TdVCoven
Regalien_TdVC – Regalien (Royal de Morte)
My name is Régalien (Royal) I am the family guardian for the deMorte-Castello Family. Beware my BITE! One day I shall be a force to be reckoned with.
Jacob_TdVC – Jacob (Jacob A. Mathews)
Head of Security. Placed here by @daniel_molloy_ to protect my employer @celestecastello. Loyal to her, @bastiaan_c & their family. Human w/an extra kick (TdVC)
Kayla_TdVC – Kayla Néri Meirelles
My loyalties lie with the de Morte & di Castello Family. Caretaker of all human & vampire needs. My sister is @Annette_TdVC. Estou mais do que o que vê….(TdVC RP)
HerculesGator – Hercules
(chomp-chomp) Hercules is the name, chomping is my game. I belong to @CelesteCastelloand @Bastiaan_C. Beware my bite! Waste Removal Expert (TdVC RP only)
Foxy_Shoe_Thief – Foxy Shoe Thief
I am the Famous Singed Fox from The Morning Show. Nemesis of @Aosoth. I live in @CelesteCastello ‘s garden. Watch your Jimmy Choos cuz I luvs Shoos
ViciousNoir – Dark Celeste
`What can be imagined can be done. Of course, we strive to rival men in kills of all kinds, do we riot!’ The dark side of @celestecastello (@tdvcoven)
Celete_di_C – Celeste (Celeste dé Morte)
Vamp…kills for food-Hunts as Jaguar-Sister to @lestat_l-Best friend is @aosoth-Married 2 @bastiaan_c See a problem with this? *fangs* Didn’t think so. (TdVC)
Bastiaan_C2 – Bastiaan (Bastiaan di Castello)
Italian Vampire and Jaguar Guaro – 903 yrs old Bonded/Mated/Married to Mio Bélla @celestecastello – Immortal Jaguar Gia. Verified © (TdVC-RP-18+ Content)
BGC_Industries – BGC Industries
BGC Industries. Corporation Owned by @Bastiaan_C Acquisition of Companies in trouble. Merged and reformed into profitable Corps. Sup. and Human employees.
Cara_diLorenzo – Cara (Care di Lorenzo)
I work for @Bastiaan_C The di Lorenzo family has worked for the di Castello family for centuries. Make appointments through me. PERIOD! @BGC_Industries
deMorte_Gallery – dé Morte Gallery
A Gallery of Fine Art established by @celestecastello. On site Art Curator @catrionnacernys. Located in the heart of New Orleans (TdVC-RP)
Lestat_Gallery – deLioncourt Gallery
Fine Arts Gallery est. by @celestecastello dé Morte for @lestat_l de Lioncourt. New York. By Appoint Only. Contact @catrionnacernys Fine Arts Dealer.
RosePetalsDream – Rose Petals Dreams
Based in Paris, France but we deliver world wide. We are discreet when You need us to be. Sister store is @rosepetals_nola. Owned by @celestecastello & @aosoth
Aosoth – May (~Aosoth™ ©)
Demon & Angel. Child of demon Goddess @atazoth_ona & Morning Star @angel_of_venus. 2nd to God of Fire. Mate to the Vampire @lestat_l. Protector of @juliand_tdvc
Lestat_L – Lestat (Lestat de Lioncourt)
Vampire.French.Between Heaven & Hell there is Life & Love.~Brat Prince Lestat, the Wolf ~Mate to @aosoth. Father of @satinrain_tdvc & Protector of @juliand_tdvc
Demon_BebeTdVC – Demon (Demon Bebe Lioncourt)
Royal guard & mischief maker of the de Lioncourt-May family. They are MINE. Wonder if I’m a vampire or a demon? No matter, I’m spoiled either way.
Andre_TdVC – Andre (Andrei Brunetti)
Head of Security, Assistant & Dayman to Monsieur et Madame Lestat de Lioncourt. You must go through me to get to them. @Lestat_L @Aosoth. -Non Harris- RP
Annette_TdVC – Anna Néri Meirelles
My loyalties lie with him that saved me, my master & my Lion @Lestat_L. Caretaker of all human & vampire needs at his estates. Estou mais do que o que vê…. –TdVC RP-
Kamaria_TdVC – Kamaria
Tracker, spy and multi-talented killer. I am my own master now but my soul belongs to the demon @aosoth and I want more than just your blood. -TdVC-
Aosoth2 – May (~Aosoth2)
Demon & Angel. Sole child of the demon Goddess @atazoth_ona & the Morning Star @angel_of_venus. 2nd to God of Fire. Wolf mate to the Vampire @lestat_l. -TdVC RP
Lestat_TdVC – Lestat de Lioncourt
Backup acct for @lestat_l ~The Brat Prince Lestat, the Wolf killer ~Mate to @aosoth. Father of @satinrain_tdvc & Protector of @juliand_tdvc . TdVC RP
Angel_of_Venus – Venus Morning Star
Expansion of heaven on earth, the collapse of plasma, angel of the ♥, dark beauty & sexuality. Evil/Angelic power. Mate @Atazoth_ONA. Father of @Aosoth -Non CH-
Atazoth_ONA – Ona (Atazoth May)
Demon-Dark Goddess in Pantheon of the Order of the 9 Angles.The purpose of the cosmic cycles & opening of the Gates.Mother to @Aosoth. Mate @Angel_of_Venus. RP
Andramelech_TdVC – Andramelech
King of Fire. 8th of 10th Archdemons. God of Storm. Order of the Storm. Commander of Forces of Nature. Father of @driscoll_tdvc Grandfather of @juliand_tdvc.
Driscoll_TdVC – Driscoll (Driscoll Aberdeen™ ©)
Assassin of the 8th Order Demon/Human Son of the God of Storms-Married to @satinrain_tdvc Daughter of @lestat_l My Son @juliand_tdvc Verified RP © (@tdvcoven)
SatinRain_TdVC – SatinRain (Satin Rain ™ ©)
Elemental Fire Fae raised by the @tdvcoven -mischievous imp grin- Married to sexy @driscoll_tdvc and I’m the proud mother to our son @juliand_tdvc. (RP ©)
JulianD_TdVC – Julian Daniel A-T
Demon & Elemental with a little bit of human & lots of vampire blood. Son of demigod @driscoll_tdvc & @satinrain_tdvc. I am the crowned Prince of the TdVC.
Storm_TdVC – Storm (Storm Aberdeen)
I’m the storm belonging to @Driscoll_TdVC & @SatinRain_TdVC. Someday, I’ll grow up to be just like my Dad. Right now, I just want to play, play, play. See ya. {Woof}
Brakes_TdVC – Brakes Thomas
I’m Brakes. I AM WOLF! My attidude is big & so is my mischief. ALPHA in Training. @satinrain_tdvc & @demon_bebetdvc are MINE. No touching. *Shows fangs* -TdVC-
Scuttlebutt_T – Scuttle (Scuttlebutt)
Seagull Friends with @SatinRain_TdVC pain in the ass to @Driscoll_TdVC
Tolly_TdVC – Tolly Thomas
I am Tolly the tortoise and @satinrain_tdvc is my mommy. I am faster than you think. TdVC RP
Driscoll2_TdVC – Driscoll
Assassin of the 8th Order Demon/Human Son to the God of Storms-Husband/Father to @satinrain_tdvc and @juliand_tdvc They are mine-you’ve been warned. @tdvcoven
SatinRain2_TdVC – Satin Rain (Satin Rain Thomas)
Ward of the @tdvcoven. Elemental Fae / Raised by Vamps (i mean a coven full) / Married to @driscoll2_tdvc / Proud mother to @juliand_tdvc / (RP)
James_Fuller_ – James Fuller
Owner of an Architectural Firm. Recently hired by @Driscoll_TdVC & @SatinRain_TdVC to plan & oversee the build of their private residence on Night’s Island, Florida.
MarcusSLambert – Marcus S Lambert
I’m a pilot. Guess I shouldn’t tell you I’m sort of a daredevil. I do some modeling here and there. I’m not looking for love, but it found me. RP
Amanda_Smithe – Amanda Smithe
“If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” (Part of the @tdvcoven)
Daniel_Molloy_ – Daniel (Daniel Molloy)
Vampire, Eternal Immortal. The Devil’s Minion and Guardian to @SatinRain_TdVC Imp of my heart -BUT- ‘Gorgeous’ has my full attention! (TdVC RP)
Obsidian_Siren – Obsidian Siren
Gorgeous deserves your Immediate attention Gorgeous makes Effort look effortless Gorgeous Loves fast Gorgeous Trumps everything Gorgeous Is Worth It – TdVC
MaxOliver_TdVC – Maxwell Oliver
Maxwell Oliver. Ex MI5 Secret Service. I work for @daniel_molloy_ and @obsidian_siren. I answer to them ONLY. *Smirks* And @mollymolloytdvc. He owns us all.
MollyMolloyTdVC – Molly Molloy
My name’s Molly. I belong to the King of the Kitties. But… Gorgeous has all of my attention. Max is Mine too. Oh yeah. *rolls cat eyes* I’m a boy. Don’t ask!
Armand_TdVC – Armand de Romanus
Spells I could make around those I killed, choosing the beautiful for my feast I nevertheless conveyed fantastical visions to blunt their fear & suffering. TdVC
Santiago_TdVC – Santiago (Santiago Dark Angel)
Death served Wine for lovers-Brought from Where Devils reign-And intoxicated Angels with sorrow-They witnessed in the Eyes of their slaves
SageNuit_TdVC – Sage Nuit
Silent observer. Perched on the branch’s of trees or the roof of the Coven. I watch those who come in contact with us. Loyal to @santiago_tdvc (TdVC-RP)
Behlem_Gargl – Behlem
I am The Guardian and Protector. I hear you but do not speak unless… I am The Confidant of @santiago_tdvc I am always watching.
Marius_TdVC – Marius de Romanus
True Child of the Millenia. Maker to @armand_tdvc, @pandora_tdvc, @bianca_tdvc, @sybelle_tdvc & @benji_tdvc -TdVC RP-
Pandora_TdVC – Pandora
Lover and child of @marius_tdvc. Ancient Vampire. Child of the Millenia. -TdVC RP-
Louis_TdVC – Louis (Louis Ponte Du lac)
We kept to ourselves, pondering the mystery of each other – Member of Les Théatre des Vampires Coven. Brethren to @CelesteCastello & Guardian over @SatinRain_TdVC
Merrick_TdVC – Merrick (Merrick Mayfair)
Mayfair Witch turned Vampire. Descendant of the gens de colors libres. Child of @louis_tdvc & @david_tdvc’s prodigy. Former Talamasca. (@tdvcoven RP)
David_TdVC – David (David Talbot)
Tyger, Tyger, burning bright-In the forests of the night-What Immortal hand or eye-Could frame thy mortal symmetry. Brethren to: @CelesteCastello & @Lestat_L
Nicolas_TdVC – Nicolas dé Lenfent
Heard a call from the Keeper of my Heart @ariadawn_tdvc my Immortal Child. Only the Impossible – Can do the Impossible – From the ashes did I rise again. TdVC
AriaDawn_TdVC – Aria Dawn
From the ashes shall he rise again. Soon he will take his rightful place w/The @tdvcoven. My Beautiful Maestro, @nicolas_tdvc. Maker – Lover – Mine. (TdVC RP)
Maharet_TdVC – Maharet
Along with my twin sister @mekare_tdvc, we carry within us ancestry of the blood drinkers. We are their guardians, their mother, the Towers of Ivory.
Mekare_TdVC – Mekare
Along with my twin sister @maharet_tdvc, we carry within us ancestry of the blood drinkers. We are their guardians, their mother, the Towers of Ivory.
Khayman_TdVC – Khayman
Child of @akasha_tdvc. Oldest of the ancients. Maker of @mekare_tdvc. I am Benjamin the Devil to some. -TdVC RP-
LanceImmortal – Lance (Lance Delaware)
Vamp-Mage Operative-Order of Immortals w/@FeleciaImmortal. Sec for dé Morte-di Castello, dé Lioncourt & May √ Verified Official RolePlayer © Profile Original
FeleciaImmortal – Fel (Felécia Béaumont)
Vampire-Siberian Tiger Special-Operative. Mated to @lanceimmortal. Working to uncover the truth from The Company. We’re the ones who got away.
JosieImmortal – Josie Dolphin
I’m a dolphin. Yes yes… *click-click-flipping out of the water* I help @FeleciaImmortal drive @LanceImmortal crazy. *nods head up and down-clicking*
MasonImmortal – Mason Reynolds
Vampire/Tiger. Genetically made for another BUT @giselleimmortal IS #MINE Our mission is clear. Allied to @lanceimmortal @feleciaimmortal (TdVC Affiliate Acc)
GiselleImmortal – Giselle
Vampire-Siberian Tiger. Lines blurred. Last thing I expected was to fall in love with my target. Mated to @masonimmortal. Still… Something is off…(TdVC RP)
Menoch_TdVC – Memnoch
I created Hell so you may one day enter into Heaven. I was @lestat_l escort through his tour of Heaven and Hell. He will be my Prince. Only 1 is above me.
PhireDemon – Eitan Flereous
I am Flereous the God of Fire, Lieutenant of Hell & Protector of the Devil’s Throne. Formerly bonded to demoness @aosoth. -Non CH- -TdVC RP-
BaneAbatu_TdVC – Bane Abatu
Earth bound destructive energy of the Order of the Nine Angles. Sentinel Demon/God. @darkness_tdvc is my 2nd and #MINE Pain in the ass to @aosoth -TdVC RP-
Darkness_TdVC – Jacqueline (Jacqueline Draknoir)
When darkness surrounds… I Rise. Ancient Vampiress. Bonded to the Demon God @baneabatu_tdvc I am his Little Death (Evil Grin) @tdvcoven Vampire
Azanigin_TdVC – Aza (Azanigin)
Mother of all demons/Waits in the Earth @ the Pantheon/Ord of 9 Angles 3rd Command 2 God of Fire Flereous @phiredemon Pain in ass 2 @aosoth @senith_tdvc is mine
Senith_TdVC – Allocen Senith
Demon. Destroyer/Sentinel.Former protector of the City of Dis. 4th in Command to the God of Fire @phiredemon. Protector of @aosoth @azanigin_tdvc ass is MINE.
Antoine_TdVC – Antoine (Antoine Dantalian)
45th of the 72nd Legion. Sentinel, demon. Loyal to my Lord @Phiredemon & Mistress @Aosoth ONLY. (But mostly loyal to him) TdVC RP
ChildrenofBlood – Children of Blood
Vampires -Immortal conglomeration. Enemies of the TdVC. We search for their ultimate secret and we will find it no matter the cost. -Strike Unit 1-
Blood_Hunter Blood Hunter
Vampires -Immortal conglomeration. Enemies of the TdVC. We search for their ultimate secret and we will find it no matter the cost. -Strike Unit 2 – (TdVC RP only)
Milano_K – – *DEAD in Hell* (Milano Krouzilli)
-Finally Dead- Vampiro Italiano. Living happily DEAD in HELL. -Non Harris- RP
TdVCoven -Théâtre des Vampires
Le Théâtre des Vampires Coven. Où nous nous réunissons pour discuter de notre avenir. -Ouvert SEULEMENT à TdVC- -Open ONLY to TdVC players & Honorary Members-
TheWatcher_TdVC – The Watchers
-We are the ones that keep a wacthful eye on the TdVC- We watch. We take notes. We do not interfere. -TdVC Affiliate-

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